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What better way to bring in the New Year than getting disciplined for all the naughty thoughts and deeds you bad boys have been mixed up in this previous year?

Clear your slate by allowing me to mentally cleanse you of your wicked ways and physically dominate you till you are forced to start 2013 afresh. Go on, don’t be shy ;)

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Month of December!

This month is very busy for me considering Finals and Christmas is right around the corner. I have been very stressed lately, and while lashing slaves does indeed help to relieve my frustration, I think I’m looking for something more calming. My next ideal session would be one with a deep, strong foot and calf massage. Serious Inquiries Only! If you cannot give a proper massage then please don’t waste my time ;)

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Hi guys,

This week I have been participating in a ton of tickling sessions and I just can’t seem to get enough of having a man tied down and squirming beneath me as I torture him with my moderate touching! I also do switch tickling sessions but you will have to work hard to find my two hot spots! (hint: not located in my midsection)
So if there are any ticklish boys out there currently reading this then step right up and claim your spot with yours truly. I guarantee you will laugh some of your age away!

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The Hidden Chamber is finally shut down! What a pity…

Hello loyal clientele,

I’m making this announcement for those who session with me out of the H.C. The crazy owner couldn’t handle the pressure of her business and finally cracked. In that case, the majority of the ladies as well as I am officialy independent and still sessioning together! Don’t lose hope, you’re favorite mistresses aren’t going anywhere! ;)

On a side note, next week I will be available for sessions Monday thru Friday. Email me for additional info about new rates as well as timing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Back in business

Hello out there,

This damn hurricane sandy drastically affected my transportation. Very sorry to all I had to cancel/reschedule appointments with last minute. Now that the city is finally returning to normal I am back in business. Come visit me ;)

What am I in the mood for this week? Well, besides a strong foot massage, I’ve been feeling really naughty and I believe it is about time I got what was coming to me. I would like a sub/switch session, yes that would be nice. So, what are you waiting for?


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